About The Bitcode Legend

Founded in 2015, Bitcode Legend is a growing trading platform with an intuitive and reliable interface and high security. Find valuable information in the form of charts and tables on Bitcode Legend.

The team at Bitcode Legend started the platform with the goal of making cryptocurrency and Bitcoin traders. The crypto trading platform is secure and trusted by new and seasoned traders.

On the road to creating a reliable and excellent trading and charting platform, the team at Bitcode Legend feels that it is their priority to provide the highest quality service and support, including analytical services, professional-level tutorials, and support. The platform's team has designed and developed Bitcode Legend because they imagine a future in which the growing and dynamic digital economy is accessible to everyone.

The Platform Team's Background

The platform is designed, developed, and operated by a professional team with rich experience in financial markets, banking security systems, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency trading. Bitcode Legend offers dependable features and security.

The Platform Team's Values and Goals

The team at Bitcode Legend knows how important the quality and security of a trading platform is to an investor or trader's success and growth. That is precisely why Bitcode Legend places great emphasis on a high level of service, user education, and a wide spectrum of solutions and offers.

Also, the broker dedicates a considerable amount of attention and time to the professional preparation of new traders and investors while at the same time meeting the high-level needs of the most advanced and sophisticated traders on the market.

Bridging the Gap

Prior to Bitcode Legend, traders and investors who were using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, did not have adequate tools and resources for optimizing their portfolios and executing their trades. These people had no other option but to cobble together dated spreadsheets and track every transaction manually.

Since Bitcode Legend populates cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading information automatically, it has filled a key niche. Rather than manually typing in every single trading order, Bitcode Legend users can simply import their trading data via exchange APIs.