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What is Bitcode Legend?

Bitcode Legend is a reliable and simple platform that helps Bitcoin and crypto traders make smarter decisions. Bitcode Legend is an easy and trusted place for individual investors and traders, and institutions to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and more. The platform offers a simple and convenient way to improve your knowledge and understanding and keep you updated about Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Bitcode Legend's industry-grade and secure cryptocurrency tracking and charting system is leveraged by many crypto traders and investors, including mutual funds and brokerage firms, to streamline the method of maintaining and managing cryptocurrency portfolios.

As a trader, you can make the most of this comprehensive trading and tracking platform powered by advanced mechanics, reports, and charts to manage, organize, track and evaluate your digital asset and crypto portfolio.

Manage Your Trades from a Secure Platform

Bitcode Legend offers many features to facilitate traders and investors of all levels. It offers simple and safe trading, reports, charts, and reward accounts. The team at Bitcode Legend considered everything down to the tiniest detail.

The platform's team continually invests in the latest technology and API in order to ensure the infrastructure remains secure and that both retail and institutional investors and traders can access data in order to execute their cryptocurrency investment portfolios.

Bitcode Legend provides a simple trading system for both beginner traders and seasoned professionals looking for decent market data and performance information. The platform can be accessed by anyone from anywhere and at low fees.

Bitcode Legend adheres to the strictest and most rigorous standards in order to safeguard data integrity, normalizing international sources to ensure confidence and consistency in the crypto market. To ensure the integrity of its data, the team at Bitcode Legend regularly reviews crypto exchanges, monitors for market trends, and takes geographical movements and regional anomalies into consideration.

What is a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker and Management Platform?

In crypto investment and finance, an investment portfolio is a grouping of financial assets, which includes cryptocurrency, digital currencies, and similar assets.

A cryptocurrency portfolio is different from a traditional asset portfolio, as your cryptocurrency portfolio comprises diverse and wide digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Cardano, and Litecoin, which you invest in, hold, and trade on your desired crypto trading platform.

In essence, your cryptocurrency portfolio is comparable to a basket of cryptocurrencies that you hold in your crypto wallet.

Essential Features and Functionalities That Crypto Exchanges Don't Provide

Crypto exchanges offer only basic information regarding your trades and positions. However, with Bitcode Legend, you get real-time updates on your profit and loss per position and instant alerts, such as price alerts, when your orders execute. With Bitcode Legend, you will never have to miss a trade again!

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers

A crypto portfolio tracker is a platform that gives you a clear and comprehensive overview of your cryptocurrency and digital asset investments. A crypto portfolio tracker and charting platform, such as Bitcode Legend, allows you to track the value of your digital asset and cryptocurrency investments, provides valuable and timely information about your overall portfolio.

As the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and dynamic, it is often difficult and tricky to keep track of your crypto investments and portfolio unless you use a reliable cryptocurrency trading and portfolio tracking platform, like Bitcode Legend.

Many people do not realize that a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and charting platform can be a valuable and convenient tool when investing in or trading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Even if you aren't a day trader, a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking platform still provides considerable value.

Trade Your Crypto Assets with a Partnered Broker

Your partnered broker will consult with you and execute your investment and trading decisions on your behalf. The broker will discuss your investment objectives and goals and other factors, any action the broker takes requires your approval. Get an edge tracking your crypto and digital asset holdings over time with customizable charts, tables, and watchlists.

Share your trading preferences and restrictions with your partnered broker during the consultation. They will inform you about Bitcoin and crypto trading opportunities that match your needs and preferences and meet your goals. With Bitcode Legend, you can benefit from instant price alerts, trends, and frictionless multi-exchange trading in a single, convenient place.

The professional team at Bitcode Legend is proud to provide innovative and scalable products and a professional trading environment to facilitate its traders and investors so they can make prudent decisions and stay updated.

Top Cryptocurrencies You can Trade on Bitcode Legend

There is no doubt that it has been another great and eventful year for cryptocurrency, with considerable price movements among the top ten tokens in the world as well as plenty of heated discussion regarding the future of this technology. Between price crashes and record-breaking highs in the market, the state of many digital coins, such as Litecoin, as a whole is still quite volatile.

However, the crypto market of 2022 is expansive and ever-growing. Did you know that 2022 is sure to bring renewed investment and interest in the major digital coins, which helped bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to the leading edge of tech advancements?


Although it may sound old and clichéd, buying or investing in Bitcoin is still an excellent idea. You will be happy to know that the volatility of this coin has decreased considerably since its extraordinary rise in December 2017. Since then, Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster ride. Some analysts and professionals agree that the days of earning earth-shattering returns with this coin are gone.

Note that the world's first cryptocurrency is a pretty safe bet, which is excellent. Keep in mind that one of the fascinating things about Bitcoin is that its limited availability in the market makes it inflation-proof. As a total of 21 million coins will be released, this currency is very valuable to investors.

It is no secret that Bitcoin is one of the principal reasons behind today's growing and ever-expanding cryptocurrency industry. Despite its recent volatility, Bitcoin is well-known to be one of the most reliable and stable cryptocurrencies in the world, and you can trade it on Bitcode Legend.


Did you know that Litecoin is a prodigy of Bitcoin? It is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies among several others on the market, which use Bitcoin's unique base code.

The success of Litecoin is based on its ability to innovate as well as develop the code by tackling its various flaws. Note that, unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin's community works much more efficiently and effectively, allowing it to improve on both security and scalability.

As Litecoin use becomes more commonplace and prevalent around the globe, it stands to argue and reason that its value will likely grow in the near future. This is why many traders on Bitcode Legend are interested in this crypto. And this growth potential is what makes it one of the greatest cryptos out there, whether you would like to hold it for some time and watch it grow in value or use it as a form of payment.


Whether you are new to the crypto world or dabble in cryptocurrencies, you may have heard of Ethereum. Its legacy, for some people, seems to be that of being second to the popular Bitcoin. However, note that Ethereum is more than merely a cryptocurrency. This currency presented the world with the fantastic possibility of functional smart contracts.

Note that Ethereum was launched a couple of years after Bitcoin and runs on a programmable blockchain. This blockchain lets you create your unique and decentralized programs as well as coins to function on the network.

Also, you should know that a new and more environmentally-friendly version of this digital currency is coming soon. This makes Ethereum an attractive investment option as well.

Did you know that Ethereum is also the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization? For a while, the currency has been losing ground to its rivals, such as EOS and NEO. However, you will be happy to know that market sentiment still favors Ethereum.

Create Your Unique Trading Dashboard with Bitcode Legend

Whether you just started trading or investing in digital currencies or are already investing like a professional, Bitcode Legend can track all your transactions. Bitcode Legend 's reasonable and fair subscription prices and security have helped it remain a premiere cryptocurrency trading and charting platform. One main reason for the platform's continued success is that its motivated development team is always expanding Bitcode Legend's capabilities.

Over the last five years, Bitcode Legend's developers have been adding to the number of crypto exchanges that work with it. As a user or trader, you can import your data from more than 50 different exchanges.

Why Choose Bitcode Legend?

Bitcode Legend makes things simple and convenient.

Charting Without Limits

With Bitcode Legend, you can visualize crypto markets and trends in a way that makes sense to you and make sound financial decisions. Analyze price, trade volume, and liquidity by applying charts, unlimited technical indicators, tables, and drawings.

Cryptocurrency News and Updates

Bitcode Legend makes it simple to stay on top of the crypto market with news curation and insights based on cryptocurrencies and digital assets in your portfolio, individual coins, or favorite list.

Price Alerts

With Bitcode Legend, you can set up customizable alerts for crypto prices on specific exchanges and receive notifications when there is a spike or dip in price, volume, or trade activity.

One Trading Ticket

There is no need to waste time switching between multiple crypto exchanges. Bitcode Legend offers a consistent and seamless trading experience regardless of the exchange you decide to trade on.

Complete Privacy

Bitcode Legend is a crypto trading and tracking platform that does not track you back and values your privacy. All your data, such as credit card information, is encrypted and stored locally.


How often are crypto prices updated on Bitcode Legend?

The prices of the crypto assets and coins Bitcode Legend list are updated almost in real-time with only a few seconds of latency.

What do I need in order to get started?

If you are over the age of 21, you can open an account with Bitcode Legend. Get started with an email address, mobile number, and a valid form of ID in order to verify your account.

Is my data secure?

The team at Bitcode Legend is committed to user privacy, data integrity, and security. The platform does not collect any personal information without your permission. Your API keys and portfolio data are encrypted and stored locally.

How can I connect to my crypto wallets?

Automatic portfolio syncing on Bitcode Legend allows you to populate your investment portfolio without having to add your balances manually. You may connect to the crypto exchanges and wallets you use.

What countries does Bitcode Legend currently support?

You will be pleased to know that customers from all around the world can use this platform with ease.

Does Bitcode Legend add any fees or charges on crypto trades?

No, there is no hidden fee, and the trading and investing process is transparent.

A coin is not listed or missing. What is the reason for that, and how can I report it?

The platform constantly adds new coins and tries to keep its list updated. However, some lower-cap coins might be missing for various reasons. If you find that a coin is already being traded in one or multiple exchanges and don't find it on Bitcode Legend, please let the team know.